Microsoft recently unveiled the latest Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel Build 23451. This new build includes three key features, including the new Facebook widget, a revamped File Explorer details panel, and improved Windows Spotlight with support for 4K images and more. information. Dev Channel builds don’t necessarily mean the code will eventually be released, but we can hope so.

If you want to try out the new Facebook widget yourself, you can, although you’ll need the Facebook app to do so. To add the Facebook widget to your in-progress collection, open the Widgets tab and click the little “+” sign in the top right. You’ll see a snapshot of activity on your Facebook page, which will then open the app itself. Microsoft is also adding a new widget “selector” that lets you preview the widget before adding it. You will also see animated widget icons in the taskbar.

Another cool feature is the new File Explorer details pane. Information about a specific file, such as permissions and resolution, usually requires you to right-click the file to open it. This new pane lets you view those details without having to navigate Windows 11’s complex context menu.

Finally, Windows Spotlight gets some much-needed improvements, including support for 4K images on 4K displays. Microsoft tries different “treats” of Windows Spotlight that offer slightly different information and guidance.

Additional updates

Microsoft also said it is expanding Start Menu ads/notifications to more users. “With this feature, we’re giving customers quick access to important account-related notifications,” Microsoft said. They can be managed at least in part by going to Settings > Personalization > Start.

The Featured section of the Start menu usually lists the most recent documents you’ve been working on. Microsoft has been working to improve this situation and is expanding the “Recommended” file categories to include websites. Narrator also works more closely with Excel, describing cell contents based on Narrator’s assistive technology, Microsoft said.


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