Welcome to an enhanced Google search experience where you have the freedom to explore diverse search results without any restrictions. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to disable SafeSearch on both desktop and mobile devices. Whether you are using a Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, or Android phone, we’ve got you covered.

Turn Off SafeSearch on Google Search on Desktop

To unleash the full potential of your Google searches on your desktop, follow these steps:

Open your preferred web browser on your computer and visit Google Search.

2. Access Search Settings

Navigate to the bottom-right corner of the Google site and click on “Settings.” From the dropdown menu, select “Search Settings.”

3. Modify Safe Search Settings

On the “Search Settings” page, scroll down to the “Content” section and locate the “Safe Search” field. Click on it.

You will be directed to a new page. Select the bubble next to “Off” to disable Safe Search.

Congratulations! From now on, your Google searches will include a diverse range of results, including those containing explicit content.

Turn Off SafeSearch on Google Search on Mobile

Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, here’s how to disable SafeSearch on your mobile device:

1. Open Google Site

Launch a web browser on your mobile device and visit the Google site.

2. Access Search Settings

Navigate to the bottom of the Google site and tap on “Settings.” From the menu that opens, select “Search Settings.”

3. Locate SafeSearch

On the “Search Settings” page, tap on “SafeSearch.”

You’ll be taken to the next page. Tap the bubble next to “Off” to disable Safe Search.

No need to save manually – Google’s SafeSearch is now disabled on your mobile device.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a more expansive and unrestricted Google search experience. Say yes to all kinds of search results and explore the vast digital landscape without limitations.


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