Discover effective ways to troubleshoot and fix Outlook launch problems on Windows 11 or Windows 10. Follow our detailed steps, from removing faulty add-ins to updating your Outlook app, to ensure seamless access to your emails and calendar.


In today’s tech-driven world, encountering issues with essential tools like Microsoft Outlook can be frustrating. Outlook not opening on your Windows PC is a common concern, and understanding the reasons behind it is crucial for a swift resolution. In this article, we delve into six comprehensive methods to fix Outlook launch issues, ensuring a seamless experience with your favorite email client on Windows 11 or Windows 10.

Why Won’t Outlook Open?

Outlook failing to open on your PC can stem from various reasons, including problematic add-ins, virus infections, or corrupted cache files. Unfortunately, Outlook often leaves users in the dark about the root cause, necessitating a systematic approach to troubleshooting.

6 Ways to Fix When Outlook Isn’t Launching:

1. Remove Faulty Add-Ins From Outlook

Outlook hindered by faulty add-ins? Launch the app in safe mode using the command


in the Run box. Identify and remove suspicious add-ins via File > Options > Add-Ins, resolving the launch issue effectively.

2. Run an Antivirus Scan on Your PC

Is a virus or malware preventing Outlook from launching? Conduct a full virus scan through your PC’s Windows Security app to detect and eliminate threats. After the scan, restart your PC and attempt to open Outlook again.

3. Clear Your Outlook Cache

Corrupted cache files can impede Outlook’s performance. Navigate to


and delete files in the “RoamCache” folder. Launch Outlook to allow the app to rebuild its cache, ensuring it opens without issues.

4. Repair Your Outlook App

Utilize Office’s built-in repair tool to fix Outlook problems. Access it through Control Panel > Uninstall a Program, select your Microsoft Office installation, and choose “Change.” Opt for “Quick Repair” initially, and if issues persist, use the “Online Repair” option for a more extensive fix.

5. Update Outlook on Your Computer

Outdated Outlook versions can lead to launch problems. Trigger an update by launching a non-Outlook Office app (e.g., Word), navigating to “Account” > Update Options > Update Now. Follow on-screen instructions to update all Office apps, ensuring Outlook opens smoothly.

6. Reset Your View Settings in Outlook

If Outlook struggles to open due to loading issues with view settings, reset them by running the command

outlook.exe /cleanviews

in the Run box. This action clears view settings, effectively resolving the launch problem.


Follow these meticulously curated steps to regain seamless access to your emails and calendar on Outlook. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with your favorite email client on Windows 11 or Windows 10. For more tech-related insights, stay tuned to TechMag.


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